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Labor Costs Rising 0

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Due to operating Labor Costs expect closures and a reduction in hours and some service issues as we look for solutions to the situation. We ask you Please sign up with our Friends of Portuguese Bakery list to get the latest information. You can sign up by visiting our Www.PortugueseBakery.coM and signing up, emailing us at Or give us a Call and leave a Name, Mailing Address,Phone Number or an Email address. (If you are currently part of our list on Facebook we encourage you to sign up on our email list as Facebook has restrictions and not everyone receives our facebook posts.) This allows us a guarantee of communication with you if your on our email list. We will soon send out some very important information regarding our future and a possible solution to the problem and how you can help. So again please sign up. Either the solution will work or it wont and sadly we will be closing the bakery sometime next year. We have battled for a long time now and are running out of solutions and options and we all have been mentally and physically exhausted.

Thank You For Your Understanding and Support as we move forward

The Portuguese Bakery
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