Product Description

Now you can make Malassadas fresh right at home!  Create lasting family memories and get the whole family in on the fun. Its easy simple and fun. Comes in to seperate conatiners. Your wet and dry ingredients. Get home toss them in the mixer, mix for 10 min on low then another 5-10 min till done. We will supply you with some instruction. Leave all the mess of combining a recipe to us, just do the fun part and have the best malasadas out there right in your kitchen. 

For refrence 

Up to 2 batches can be mixed in a 6qt kitchen aid mixer but mixers vary so results may vary 

Makes 8 - 12 malasadas, Quanitity varies as the persons molding technique will vary the quantiy able to be made


Malasadas malacada malaćadas filhos


Take To Bake Dough To Go Bake At Home


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