• Do the Sweet Bread and the Biscoitos Freeze Well?
o Yes, they will freeze well up to 6 months. Just defrost on your counter for a few hours or in the refrigerator overnight.
• What is the best way to store the Malasadas/Filhos?
o They will keep for 2 weeks in the freezer.
o They keep for a day or two on your counter. The best way to keep them is in a paper bag wrapped in plastic.
o The best way to serve them after storing is to reheat them in the oven at about 375 degrees just until heated through. Remove from oven let cool slightly. When warm but, cool enough to handle, coat with sugar.
• How long can your Sweet Bread and Biscoitos be stored outside of the Freezer.
o They can be stored on your counter up to 1 week.
o They can also be stored in the Refrigerator for up to 3 Weeks.
o TIP: The above 1 and 3 week marks are a “best by” period of time. The Bread and Cookies are still good after these dates. They just aren’t as fresh. For ideas on using the Sweet Bread and Cookies when they have slightly passed these dates, please click HERE. (LINK TO RECIPE)

• Where Can I find your Products?
o You can find our Sweet Bread and Biscoitos at the following Retail Locations. (LINK)
o Shipping! We ship anywhere FedEx and/or USPS goes! (LINK to Shipping Page)
o Our Bakery Location 2082 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050. 408-984-2234
• You don’t have a location near me or have retail availability near me in California. How can we get a retailer in California to carry your products?
o In the future we would like to expand to a different and/or add locations but, for now our Santa Clara location is the only bakery location we have.
o There is a way you can help us get into a retailer near you. The best way is to talk to your local retailer’s store manager and request our products. You can give them our information. Make sure to get their contact information and we will send samples of our products directly to them. As an appreciation for doing some of the legwork for us we’ll send you a surprise gift!

What are the Common Ways to Eat your Sweet Bread?
o Good luck having enough of that loaf to do something else with it besides eating it right out of the bag. Most of our customers don’t have the same will power so they end up buying an extra one. Yes! It’s THAT good!
o You can use our Sweet Bread in the following ways:
▪ Use for Sandwiches! That little bit of sweetness is a nice surprise for your taste buds, it puts your sandwich on another level. Try toasting your slices before assembling your sandwich. Our Sweet Bread Rounds are perfect for Sandwiches. What kind of Sandwich? It’s Endless! Peanut Butter and Jelly or Ham & Swiss. Sweet or Sweet & Savory work well together.
▪ Cinnamon Toast! Toast a slice, lather some REAL butter on it and generously sprinkle some cinnamon sugar.
▪ Take a slice and lather it with your favorite topping: Nutella, Jam, Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese. Try a different topping every day.
▪ Serve our bread at meal time. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner! Instead of serving plain, boring Dinner Rolls try serving our Sweet Bread Rounds.
With the following suggestions, you can use fresh bread but, it’s best to you use your older bread that’s been sitting around for a bit.
o Fatiahs Doradahs (Portuguese French Toast) (LINK to RECIPE) or use your own French Toast Recipe
o Bread Pudding (LINK to RECIPE) or your own Bread Pudding Recipe
o Croutons (LINK to RECIPE) or your own Croutons Recipe
What are the Common Ways to Eat the Biscoitos
o Again, right out of the bag is the best way! Our customers love them alongside coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
o If you happen to have any sitting around you can use these for recipes such as Rum Balls (LINK to Recipe) or use them for a Pie Crust (LINK to Recipe)

• Which Products are Shippable?
o Our Sweet Bread, Biscoitos, Quejadas and Malasadas/Filhos, and Suspiros (Meringues) are all Shippable.
• Which Shipping Carriers do you use?
o We use FedEx or USPS. We tend to use FedEx more often but, use whichever is more cost efficient for you. Usually depends on the destination of the package.
• How long does it take for our package of goodies to arrive? What is the cost of Shipping?
o We typically ship either Ground/Standard through FedEx or Priority if it’s through USPS. Time and Rates depend on the carrier’s current estimations and pricing. Also, pricing depends on the weight of the package and the location it is going to.
▪ TIP: The more you order the more cost efficient it will be for you. Example: A package of 2 Large Sweet Bread going to Benicia, CA from our Bakery in Santa Clara, CA will have a very similar shipping cost of a package of 4 Sweet Bread.
▪ Packages sent within CA usually arrive within 1-3 days. Outside of CA estimate of arrival is within 3-7 days.
▪ We are happy to upgrade your shipping at an additional cost. This cost again depends on the carrier’s charges.
▪ I have food allergies. What are the ingredients in your products?
▪ Our products contain or are processed on equipment that process the following: Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Nuts,

Do you make Gluten Free items?
▪ Not yet but, we are working on that. We’re starting to work in our test kitchen and experimenting with different flours. It will probably be a few months before we are able to roll out some Wheat Free items.
▪ NOTE: We do not have the capability of being a gluten free facility. Therefore, our “Gluten Free” line will be WHEAT FREE with a warning label explaining the cross contamination with WHEAT. If you have CELIAC DISEASE you would not be able to consume our products.

What other Products besides the Sweet Bread and Biscoitos do you make?
▪ Click here (LINK) for our Product List and Information (Link)
Do you make any special Holiday Items?
Click here for our Special Holiday items. (LINK)
What are Filhos? What are Malasadas?
▪ They are the same thing. A Malasada or Filhos is a Portuguese Sugar Donuts. The name depends on which Portuguese island you are from. Example: Natives of the Sao Miguel Island call them Malasadas while the natives of the island of Faial call them Filhos.
When are the Malasadas ready in the Morning?
o​The Malasadas are usually ready around 8/8:30 in the morning. If you need them earlier please call us with an order and we’ll have them ready for you.

When I was in Hawaii I ate Malasadas. Are your Malasadas the same as the Hawaiian Malassadas?
o Our Malasadas are Flatter (The dough is stretched out into a disc shape before frying). The Malasadas in Hawaii are in the shape of a ball. They are similar but, different.
• The Hawaiian Malasadas have evolved through centuries of recipes which were brought over from the Portuguese Islands along with the Portuguese emigrants. (Click HERE for fun facts behind this delicious pastry)

Can I freeze the Malasadas/Filhos?
•As always malassadas cant be beat the day of and right out of the pan, they can keep for a day or two on your counter but cant be beat same day they came out of the pan. The best way to keep them is in a paper bag wrapped in plastic.

• They will keep for 2 weeks in the freezer.
• The best way to serve them after storing is to reheat them in the oven at about 375 degrees just until heated through. Remove from oven let cool slightly. When warm but, cool enough to handle, coat with sugar.​​

What Hours is The Bakery Open
​Mondays 8am-3pm
​Tuesdays – Saturdays 8am-6pm
​Sundays -Closed
Why can’t I find your location?
​We are hidden in the back right corner of the Santa Clara Town Centre. Next to Kobe’s Japanese Restaurant. If you are looking at Target go to the right. We’re in the back of the Centre. You’ll pass Baskin Robbins.
​You can also drive around the block behind Target. There is a parking lot back there. You’ll see a Laundromat there. We are back there, a couple of doors down. This is probably the easiest way to find us.

When do you Bake?
o We bake throughout each day. This depends on the quantity of orders we have and time of the year.
How can I get Bread right out of the oven?
o While we do our best to accommodate requests, this is a difficult one. We cannot package our bread until it has been completely cooled off. Please know we strive to give you the freshest/packable product available.
How can I get the freshest bread?
o Since we are consistently baking our bread. You are always getting the freshest bread we have.

Why haven’t I been able to reach anyone on the phone today?
o While we do our best to answer every call that comes in, we are a very small “Mom & Pop” shop. There are times we are not able to get to the Phone Calls. We are stuggling business but strive to get better. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also contact us at: PBBakery@Me.com or if you have an order to place please E-Mail PBOrder@Me.com.